Hi there:

My name is Don Sloan.

Welcome to my website for The Sisters. This book has been some 40 years in the making. Let me explain.

My wife and I made our first — and only — visit to the charming little Town of Cape May, N,J, in January, 1979. We’d been married about five months.

It was cold and threatening snow. We walked, all bundled up, along the seawall opposite the beautiful old Victorian mansions that line Ocean Street.

And I thought, what if these old homes could talk, telling tales not only of barefoot children trailing sand down wide, oaken front hallways, but of homicidal mania visited upon them by a mysterious serial killer?

And then I thought, what if this person was really a creature from beyond time and space as we know it — a nameless Shadow capable of the most heinous of atrocities, just for its own entertainment — and that of the bloodthirsty Sisters, who coo and whisper up and down the boulevard.

The tale was born and half written — then lay forgotten in a lower desk drawer until I became disabled in my late sixties and had nothing but time on my hands — no work, no driving, nothing except day after day of sitting in my recliner, feeling sorry for myself.

Then my wife Linda handed me the yellowing pages of the manuscript one day and saved my life.

I journeyed back to Cape May via Google Earth and found Nathan’s beachfront home, and Sarah’s — and even Tipton’s — where he held his annual Christmas gala.

But don’t ask — I won’t disclose which mansion is which. I just hope the actual owners and residents don’t mind a good scary story taking place on their premises.

In addition to being a now-active and enthusiastic writer, I am a former journalist for a large metropolitan daily newspaper and also an avid book reviewer, with more than 200 reviews posted on Amazon.

My goal with the Dark Forces Series is to present readers with a new and exciting horror and suspense thriller experience.

And, yes, a sequel is in the works in which Nathan and Sarah return to the shore to find their work is not quite done. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Before that, however, will come another book begun long ago when I was a police reporter in Dallas, Texas, about another evil entity from beyond time. Before he’s done, half the city is dead and the remaining residents are afraid to close their eyes at night.

I currently live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife and, when not writing, enjoy a cold glass of Chardonnay in the evenings, sitting on my back deck.

I hope you enjoy The Sisters and then come back for more. Join my mailing list to receive periodic updates on when my next book is coming out.