It’s Spring At Last.

We’ve just returned to the mountains of western North Carolina from a trip to Raleigh to see the Carolina Hurricanes play the Dallas Stars — Linda’s favorite hockey team.

On the mountain, the trees are still bare and the daffodils are just starting to raise their yellow heads.

But off the mountain, as we say up here, Spring has well and truly sprung.

Azaleas are blooming and dogwood trees have burst forth in snowy splendor. Grass needs cutting and the temperature is a pleasant 75 degrees.

Up here this weekend, they’re predicting a bit of snow.


Are you not yet done, Winter?

Guess not. Oh, well. Throw another log on the fire and settle in.

And for those of you who still have to work for a living, like my wife, who teaches at-risk kids at the county high school, I am deeply sorry.

Mostly. 🙂